Ripper X black and purple

autotrend pro

The AutoTrend PRO uses the most advanced trend-tracking (TRAMM) technology in the industry. Any bar type can be used including candlesticks, range bars, renko bars, tick bars, and more with 4 different dynamic trailing stop options. Users can create their own trend entry to go for quick scalps or carve out large trends which makes this bot ideal for both intraday trends and swing trading over multiple sessions for huge profits.

AutoTrend PRO can also be used to scalp markets with one or two entries and does an excellent job mitigating low volatility environments using a quick-profit scalp entry combined with a runner using a trailing stop to capture up to 90% or more of any trend that occurs during the session.

The AutoTrend PRO also includes a higher time frame filter so you can synch your entries with a higher time frame chart for maximum precision, keeping you on the right side of the markets at all times. The trend entry used by the AutoTrend PRO also works extremely well when combined with the scalp entries used by the Ripper X Black Edition and the ShotBot PRO Legend series to increase profit while simultaneously lowering downside volatility. 

AutoTrend PRO also contains TruTrade’s extremely powerful DRAMM risk management technology allowing you to manage risk and quickly adjust the number of contracts used on the next trade combined with the ability to stop and reverse any open position in milliseconds makes the AutoTrend PRO the most versatile product in our industry-leading bot lineup.

AutoTrend PRO is the next generation in retail automation!

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