David Hershey

Well first off I have been trading off and on for over 3 and half years I was off of work for some surgery last Feb-July so around April I started to get serious about trading and wanted to learn how to trade and be profitable so from April I trade every day, so I started to look around for some automation that would help me in my learning curve came across these guys and after talking to Danny thought I would give them a try!

Has not been easy by any means but with their help and my effort, I can actually understand how the price action moves, and if you do your research on the people that are successful at trading it’s all about being able to use price action and their automation greatly helps you with your entries and exits, I also work as an electrician at night in Minnesota so my trading hours are right at market open until about 10:30 am or when I have made enough money for the day!

My average amount per day I like to make at least $500 to $600 a day after commissions so once you understand price action and how the software works it’s an easy attenable goal. At first, when I started down this journey of trading there have been many bumps and curves on my course, automation that they use has opened my eyes to the possibility of doing this full time that will give me a lifetime of knowing that I can trade full time and make good money any time I need to.

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