My name is Guillermo Sandoval and a little about myself. I’m married, currently living in Oregon. I have a wonderful wife and we are currently taking care of three foster children that we plan to adopt sometime this Summer. These kids have had a tough life and we thought this would be a great chance to give back and help children in need. It has been tough, but a very rewarding experience.

I work as a Vice President at a regional community bank where I manage the bank’s Community Reinvestment program. I work with non-profit organizations to create affordable housing, support small businesses or support low and moderate income communities. I have been in the banking industry for over 20 years working in Washington, Oregon and California. I am lucky to work in an industry that gives back to the community which in some ways motivated us to give our three children a chance.

Earlier this year I joined a group as a paid member where ideas on how to generate extra income were shared. While I’m quite well versed in banking, I knew nothing about futures, forex or crypto currencies. As a member, I learned about trading, whether manual or by automation using the Ninja Trader 8 platform. There I learned about funded accounts and how to get started. As members, we were offered a trading bot for purchase but unfortunately it failed to deliver. While I was disappointed about the bot, I knew there had to be something better, so my journey began. I signed up for trading signal services, purchased another bot and they worked to some extent, but not consistently enough to make it worthwhile. Unfortunately, I also signed up for services that turned out to be scams, promising easy money. Then I ran into a YouTube channel for TruTrade and immediately reached out for additional information. A couple of days later, I purchased my first bot and later upgraded to something even better. Once I saw the automation in action, I knew this was the solution for me.

In October and November of last year, I was able to use the automation to get two Performance Accounts from Apex Trader Funding. This allowed me to go through an evaluation process, prove that I could be a profitable and consistent trader, giving me access to $50,000 in trading capital on each account. I have recently created an LLC and I am going through another Performance Evaluation under my corporate entity. While trading hasn’t replaced my day job, I hope to do so in the next year or two. I had no idea I would be raising three kids, but we as a family need to be thinking about their future like college, driving etc., and my corporate job alone won’t do it.  I do believe this software is life changing whether you a newer trader like myself or someone that is very experienced. I hope my experience and the information I share with you inspires you to take action and see for yourself.

1st Account Number: gsandoval1969 APEX-0289-07

2nd Account Number: gsandoval1969 APEX-0289-28

3rd Account Number: gsandoval1969 APEX-3552-14

4th Account Number: gsandoval1969 APEX-3552-16

5th Account Number: gsandoval1969 APEX-3552-17

6th Account Number: gsandoval1969 APEX-3552-18

7th Account Number: gsandoval1969 APEX-3552-19

8th Account Number: gsandoval1969 APEX-3552-20

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