James Scott

Over the years, I have owned a successful business with many great employees. I knew I always wanted to get into trading, but I thought that it was too difficult to learn, or would take me years to really understand how to trade properly. Unfortunately, during COVID, I was forced to close my business. At this time, I decided to start trading and got into options by using an alert service. The problem I faced was by the time I got the alert, found the strike price, and entered the trade, it would already start going against me. This is when I started looking into automation.

I searched for weeks to find the best automation and tried several companies claiming high win rates, just to keep having their automation lost over and over again. I came across TruTrade and found that these guys are a different breed than the other automation companies that were so quick to take my money.

After meeting them at their office, and watching many of their YouTube videos, I decided to pull the trigger. I bought a package of 3 bots. The AutoRipper PRO, PowerRipper PRO, and the RipperX. They told me to start with the AutoRipper PRO to really gain some footing and gain confidence in the automation before moving to the other bots. These bots have been a blessing for me. Since then I have purchased their new momentum bot, the ShotBot PRO, which has a lot of action that helps me get in and out quickly, with no room for emotions to kick in. I truly feel it is not fair at just how great this automation is and I hope to spread this gift to other people.

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