If you’re a Trader, then you know it can feel like you’re in an uphill battle.

Executing and managing trades is challenging and time-consuming, requiring hours of patience and concentration.

Meanwhile, institutions are utilizing algorithms to rapidly move the markets in such a way, that it becomes extremely daunting for the retail trader to counter Rapid-fire movements

TruTrade delivers Quantitative Event-Driven strategies that provide solutions to automate your trading process:

• Execute trades with precision
• Proven Money Management strategies
• Position Sizing
• Dynamic Trailing-stops
• Drastically Reduce Slippage

Trading with emotion is a thing of the past ….with TruTrade, now you can keep pace with institutions by managing positions and executing trades with precision. Profit-taking becomes a breeze with quantitative-based automation

TruTrade executes in milliseconds and is native to your platform… not a 3rd party add-on. Latency is almost nonexistent, and this drastically reduces slippage

TruTrade has hundreds of proven algorithms that have been battle-tested and thoroughly back-tested for maximum results.

We have strategies to fit your risk tolerance and trading style. With thousands sold, we are confident we can help you turn your trading around.

It’s time to set yourself free!

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