Few things are as mysterious as the stock market. While it has the potential to diversify your income if you are a trader, you first must know how to trade, and that knowledge remains out of reach for many of us. After all, the traders on TV who ring the bell and jump into the daily chaos of the stock market studied economics in college for years. Most of us will never be able to put in the same amount of time to attain that knowledge. Until now, this has meant that you had two options: you could either immerse yourself in books or attend seminars in hopes that you could pick up enough knowledge to do reasonably well, or you could let experience be your teacher and hope that would be good enough. TruTrade.IO, however, has created a third option: innovative software that is leveling the playing field and allowing its users to trade like professionals. 

Why Retail Traders Struggle to Trade Successfully

Whether you trade futures, FOREX, or equities, the market is subject to moment-by-moment fluctuations that are difficult to predict and that impact trading in ways even harder to foresee. Understanding those factors and knowing when to trade because of them takes years to master. 

On top of this, most retail traders have busy lives and must tend to careers, family, and other matters. Finding the time, then, to understand the strategies behind trading, practice them, and become confident with them is beyond the capabilities of many people.

TruTrade.IO believes that because of this, manual trading is not the best option for retail traders. Instead, it states that automated software that incorporates the techniques utilized by banks and professional traders can lower the risk of trading and allow users to tip the scales in their favor. 

How TruTrade.IO’s Software Is Empowering Retail Traders

After extensive market research, TruTrade.IO released software that incorporates the expert knowledge that retail traders have previously lacked when trading. “The wonderful thing is that we are catapulting retail traders up to the level of the pros,” the company states. “You can think of this as institutional-grade trading software that allows you to take your place alongside the people who trade futures, FOREX, or equities for a living. You can trade just like they do but on one platform.”

Key to the design was the inclusion of trading strategies that have never before been seen by the public. “Knowledge should belong to everyone and can make a difference in trading, so we included it in the software,” the company explains. “This already strengthens the position of a retail trader.”

Risk management was especially important. “Risk is the cause of so much stress and impacts your trading decisions,” TruTrade.IO says. “For that reason, we designed DRAMM, a dynamic risk management module.” With DRAMM, TruTrade.IO’s software manages an array of complex money management strategies. “This allows retail traders to trade more realistically, an advantage over other retail trading systems.

Minimizing drawdowns, or declines in portfolios, and increasing the accumulation of equity were prioritized. “We accomplish this by empowering retail traders with the ability to hedge their positions against the same financial instruments or against other correlated financial instruments in different asset classes,” the company explains. “The software is very systematic and incorporates multiple bar-types and timeframes.” 

The trading software is also adaptable to multiple skill levels, from novice to professional. “How much TruTrade.IO does for you will ultimately depend on how much control you want over your trading,” the company explains. “If you are completely new to trading, TruTrade.IO will do everything for you. The more comfortable you are with trading, however, the more you can customize your settings so that you have a greater ability to control your choices. Your risk tolerance can be adjusted, and traders can dial in their strategies to suit their level.”

TruTrade.IO adds that its post-purchase clients can also enjoy the benefits of having bot-add-ons. “These help to prevent slippage and help you to take advantage of any market condition.”

The Future of Retail Trading with TruTrade.IO’s Algorithmic Trading Technology

Trading will always have an element of uncertainty that affects even professional traders. However, with TruTrade.IO, retail traders can feel confident that the decisions they make about their own portfolios will be made using the best strategies known in the industry.

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