Ripper X black and purple


per contract Per Trade


Fully Automated ONE Click Plug ‘N Play Scalping Software

Suited For Funded, Small & Large Accounts

Dynamic Risk-Based Position Management

We Grow Your Account Together


RipperOne was engineered for those seeking the most advanced order-routing software in the retail market today.

RipperOne was developed to trade with prop-funded accounts or for those trading eight-figure accounts

RipperOne should be your first choice for those seeking to scalp the markets with pin-point accuracy.

The precision of RipperOne is unmatched in today’s retail market. The position management built within RipperOne allows all traders to take complete advantage as the trade unfolds locking in a profit.

Integrating our proprietary dynamic-based position management has forever changed the game for retail traders worldwide!

RipperOne has been developed by our elite programming staff with decades of trading experience.

Whether you are trading Futures or Forex and scalping is your main focus then look no further than TruTrade’s RipperOne, a fully automated trading platform.

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