ShotBot Pro legend series


TruTrade’s ShotBot Pro Legend Series unleashes automated event-driven trading strategies with devastating accuracy. ShotBot Pro Legend Series executes trades in milliseconds as momentum changes. Institutions constantly run stops trapping inexperienced traders, TruTrade understands this behavior and defends these events by introducing enhanced position management, as the momentum changes, the ShotBot Pro follows! 

ShotBot Pro Legend Series delivers powerful position management technology. TruTrade’s DRAMM and DTRAMM technology provides traders the ability to keep pace with today’s rapidly moving market by reversing positions as momentum changes. Our position management technology will add to positions and unwind your previous loss while simultaneously hunting for the next entry. Power through consolidating periods by engaging DRAMM while waiting for the next expansion period

ShotBot Pro Legend Series is a fully automated momentum scalping system that levels the playing field for retail traders worldwide.


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