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Guillermo Sandoval

My name is Guillermo Sandoval and a little about myself. I’m married, and currently living in Oregon. I have a wonderful wife and we are currently taking care of three foster children that we plan to adopt sometime this Summer. These kids have had a tough life and we thought this would be a great chance to give back and help children in need. It has been tough, but a very rewarding experience.

Dave Hershey

Well first off I have been trading off and on for over 3 and half years I was off of work for some surgery last Feb-July so around April I started to get serious about trading and wanted to learn how to trade and be profitable so from April I trade every day, so I started to look around for some automation that would help me in my learning curve came across these guys and after talking to Danny thought I would give them a try!

Matthew Harding

Hi, my name is Matthew, I live in Okc Ok…I stepped into the world of trading automation in late March, I am very new to trading and automation but I wanted to be on a fair and even playing field. I purchased the Auto Ripper Pro and then opened a small account with Ninja Trader. This has been an exciting journey for me. I am very conservative so I am trading the MNQ micro mini Nasdaq. It has been exciting to watch my small account grow larger every day,

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