Scottsdale, Arizona – TruTrade.IO is excited to announce its innovative software that is poised to help retail traders to stand on equal footing with industry professionals. Designed with the average trader in mind, the software incorporates strategies and techniques largely unknown to those new to trading, enabling users to make trading decisions with more confidence and to better navigate the inevitable fluctuations in the stock market.

The company’s representative, Co-Founder Danny Rebello, states that the software fills a large gap in the market. “While there were already software packages that helped retail traders to trade, there was a need for one that would give the user institutional-grade tools to understand the complexity of trading, including how to analyze the wild swings the market often sees. With TruTrade.IO, users now have the ability to trade futures, FOREX, and equities all on one platform and to do so knowing that the technology is, in effect, the trading expert they need. This is truly a wonderful development for anyone who wants to trade on a higher level.”

Rebello says that manual trading is no longer the best option for retail traders who struggle to balance its time commitment with the demands of their careers and personal lives. “Knowing how to trade effectively is a skill that takes years to develop, and even then, the process is subject to human error. That’s why TruTrade.IO is so welcome: in one program, you have the knowledge that you would get from books, seminars, and industry professionals. It uses trading strategies that have never before been seen by retail traders. ”

Rebello explains that while risk will always be part of the trading process, that risk can be managed. “It is difficult for anyone, let alone a novice retail trader, to understand how to make trading decisions with risk in mind,” he says. “This results in tremendous anxiety for them and causes them to hesitate right when they should act or vice versa. For that reason, retail traders will be pleased to learn of DRAMM.”

DRAMM is TruTrade.IO’s dynamic risk management module; with it, TruTrade.IO’s software manages an array of complex money management strategies. This allows retail traders to trade more realistically, an advantage over other retail trading systems.

The company also focused on minimizing drawdowns and increasing the accumulation of equity. “We accomplish this by giving retail traders the ability to hedge their positions against the same financial instruments or against other correlated financial instruments in different asset classes,” Rebello explains. “The software is very systematic and incorporates multiple bar-types and timeframes.”

Perhaps one of the best features about the trading software is how adaptable it is to multiple skill levels. Novices can easily learn to use TruTrade.IO and allow it to do everything for them. “As a retail trader grows more comfortable with trading, they can customize their settings so that they have a greater ability to control their trading choices,” Rebello reveals. “They can grow with the software. If, however, they prefer to allow TruTrade.IO to continue to handle everything for them, that is possible, too. Whatever your skill level or risk tolerance, you can adjust your settings and dial in strategies to allow for that. It truly makes trading easier for everyone no matter their ability or goals.”

Rebello states that its post-purchase clients can also enjoy the benefits of having bot-add-ons, which help to prevent slippage and help traders to take advantage of any market condition.

As the software created by TruTrade.IO hits the market, Rebello expects its impact to grow. “There will always be an element of uncertainty in trading, of course,” he says. “What is good news for retail traders, however, is that this uncertainty is now minimized. They can now trade on the same level as the pros. It is a democratization of the trading process, something long overdue.”

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