TruTrade.IO is revolutionizing risk management for retail traders all around the world. This is due to their institutional-grade trading technology specifically engineered for the retail trader. 

What makes TruTrade.IO a leader in the retail trading field is its state-of-the-art automated trading technology. This technology enables traders to hedge their positions against the same financial instruments or against other correlated financial instruments in different asset classes, using multiple bar types and time frames to reduce drawdowns and systematically accumulate equity.

TruTrade.IO uses a dynamic risk management module (DRAMM), which also gives it an edge over other retail trading systems. It is this unique software that allows TruTrade.IO to implement and manage a wide range of complex money management strategies simultaneously.

As TruTrade.IO sees it, humans are limited in terms of time, energy, and skill level, which makes manual trading a far less attractive option. Meanwhile, automated trading is all about precision and is entirely free of human error. TruTrade.IO’s interactive automated trading software makes retail trading far easier and less stressful for traders as it handles everything for them. Traders can think of TruTrade.IO’s retail trading software as experts in their field, who are able to employ a variety of management strategies that the average trader likely isn’t even familiar with.

However, TruTrade.IO’s retail trading technology is also interactive, making it appealing for traders who find the idea of automated trading attractive, but don’t wish to give up total control. TruTrade.IO gives traders the option of customizing their settings, including risk tolerance, and dialing in their strategies to suit their level (there are trading strategies available for all levels of retail traders, from complete novices to professionals). 

TruTrade.IO’s retail automation software is revolutionary in that it uses the same techniques as major investment banks and hedge funds, the very same techniques that these finance professionals have been using for decades. This is the first time that such strategies have been automated and are now available to the public. TruTrade.IO empowers traders to make the best decisions for themselves using superior technology to help them tip the scales in their favor. 

Ultimately, there is no better way to take one’s trading to the next level than by trying out TruTrade.IO’s impressive algorithmic trading technology. 

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About TruTrade.IO

TruTrade.IO is a company that specializes in quantitative trading technology. The technology they produce provides a solution for retail traders who want to trade using the same techniques as large investment banks and hedge funds. Ultimately, TruTrade.IO allows traders to take their trading to the next level, thanks to their cutting-edge algorithmic trading technology. To experience TruTrade automated trading systems for yourself please visit YouTube.

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