“Acting selfish is easy; acting in a selfless manner to protect others is heroic.”

  • Danny Rebello, Co-Founder of TruTrade LLC.

Scottsdale, Arizona, August 5, 2022 (NEWS) In August, 2022 TruTrade LLC announced its partnership with the long-standing nonprofit organization Navy SEAL Foundation. TruTrade will be the latest of many high-profile companies to dedicate support to the organization in its over two decades of existence.

“We recognize the critical role of our US soldiers and all the warriors who’ve dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom,” said Danny Rebello, the Co-Founder of TruTrade LLC, when asked why this partnership was happening. “Living without threat is a gift, a gift provided by those that have sacrificed everything.”

“TruTrade is honored to be part of such a special foundation. No matter the amount donated, we could never repay the debt owed for the sacrifices made by not only the operators downrange, but also the families directly impacted.” Mr. Rebello finished.

The Navy SEAL Foundation was founded in 2000 with the intent to serve SEALs, Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen, veterans and their families. They provide by focusing on five Pillars of Support – Strength, Resilience, Health, Education, and Community. This support manifests in many different ways such as morale building events, crisis management education, physical training programs, and even scholarships for college education. All of this while providing a sense of community and tradition that goes back to World War II. Their programs have been both extensive and life-changing for the thousands of veterans and family members that have been affected by the organization.

The Navy SEAL Foundation has a proven standard of excellence by securing a perfect rating with Charity Navigator, since 2014 and a 4-star rating since 2009. To put their charity prowess into perspective, 93% of every dollar goes toward their mission execution. Charity Navigator has been evaluating charities since 2001. They have rated over 195,000 charities and is considered among many philanthropic agencies to be the gold standard for donation analysis.
TruTrade LLC, is a company dedicated to making trading easier for its customers by providing high-quality retail trading software to the public at large. Their mission to simplify and streamline trading has made previously unavailable technology accessible, and user-friendly. TruTrade’s automated software has revolutionized the market and secured them recognition as NinjaTrader’s number one trading bot.

TruTrade joins an extensive roster of esteemed companies dedicated to bettering the quality of life for veterans and their families. Partnership with the Navy SEAL Foundation shows TruTrade is not a faceless corporation solely dedicated to making money. Their contributions will go far and affect many families in need. TruTrade’s initial contributions make it a Warrior tier partner.
For more information on the Navy SEAL Foundation and their many programs, go to www.navysealfoundation.org. To know more about TruTrade LLC and their proprietary automated trading software and their seven proprietary programs, go to their website at www.trutrade.io.

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