It’s a fact that day traders lose money. According to Timothy Sykes, a day trader that turned $12k into $7.3 million trading stocks, “90% of day traders lose money.”

This is an important point to keep in mind, and to be motivated if you want to succeed as a retail trader.

But there are outliers who have made so much impact and money (of course). 

Day trading is not your typical passive investing model. You’re not holding shares like Warren Buffett, but buying and selling shares within hours or minutes.

As a day trader, you need to always be smart, calculative, and timely. A slight 1-second delay could result in losses or gains.

But how do you look at chart patterns and trading setups of a company if you don’t know their history, margin, and culture?

It’s hard to do it manually. That’s why successful traders rely on automated trading bots like TruTrude to help them out.

What is TruTrade And How Does It Work? 

TruTrade is a Trading automation software for Stocks, Futures, and Forex. It’s a leading retail automation software, designed to automate order routing and execute buy/sell processes.

You can learn how TruTrade can automate your routine tasks, minimize your losses, and help boost your sales. 

The free webinar will reveal everything to you.

Here’s a summarized version of how TruTrude works so that you can get started:

  • Sign up for the exclusive trading software tutorial via the free webinar
  • Speak with a trading professional to discuss the best automation for you
  • Download the software and start making money

Can Day Trading Be Automated?

The best day trading strategy is one that is tailored to the individual. These strategies are designed to mimic the actions of a human trader. Using an automated system is not the best solution for all investors.

Some traders prefer to use a human-day trader, as it helps them focus on other aspects of their trading.

Others prefer to use a trading robot, which is a sophisticated automated trading system that uses multiple accounts and several strategies to spread risk over various instruments.

Many day traders have developed trading strategies based on intuition and mechanical conditions. Manual day trading involves continuously evaluating market conditions and making discretionary decisions. However, this is very time-consuming and draining.

Moreover, manual day trading relies on a set of rules and heuristics, which require consistent tweaking and routine tasks.

Fortunately, there are many automated day-trading systems such as TruTrade. Automation has its own advantages. The software aims to take the stress out of manual day trading.

Day traders who use automated software have the advantage of speed and consistency. The software will change market conditions automatically and place orders when the criteria of trade are met.

This means that even small delays can result in a huge loss for a trader.

Automated software is flexible enough to be updated to the most current market conditions. This way, the system won’t be affected by market conditions or emotional factors that influence the trader.

How To Automate Your Day Trading With


To increase your day trading profits, it is beneficial to use an automated day trading strategy. 

Such systems and software such as TruTrade use multiple trading accounts and strategies, which allows them to spread out the risks of losing trades and make more trades.

This will help you to keep your money safe and reduce the emotional element that can play havoc with your trading decisions. 

In addition to maximizing your profits, automated day trading systems can help you to become more consistent in your trading.

There are various methods of automating your day trading strategy. You can use macros, have someone develop it for you, or you can buy a ready-made automated trading system.

Regardless of the approach you take, you should always test your system thoroughly to avoid making a big mistake that could cost you a lot of money. You can also use the TruTrade system to see how your automated strategy performs.

The first step in automated trading is to develop a trading strategy that mimics your own personal style. You can use the TruTrade trading robot, macros, or off-the-shelf programs.

Whatever method you choose, it is important to test your system before putting it into live use. 

Using a bot such as TruTrade is a great way to evaluate your strategy and ensure it is suited for you.

Do Day Traders Use Trading Bots?

Yes, both beginners and experienced stock, crypto, and retail traders use trading bots to automate their processes and maximize profits.

Believe it or not, Timothy Sykes, Tim Grittani, Mark Crook, Jack Kellogg, and hundreds of other successful day traders, use automated trading bots to minimize losses and make more profits.

If you’re a day trader, you might be asking yourself: Do day traders use trading bots? These automated programs are a great way to automate your trades.

An automation bot like TruTrade can generate a list of signals and enables you to enter and exit positions.

However, it’s always advisable to test trading bots before committing to their use with real money. 

That’s why it makes sense to Sign up for a free webinar where you’ll learn how TruTrade works.

1). Trading Without Emotions

The first benefit of using a trading bot is that it removes the emotion from your investment decisions. 

While you’re sitting in front of your computer, many investors panic as their investments decreases in value. With a bot, you’ll avoid panicked reactions and make better decisions.

You can also program the bot to react to specific market triggers. In short, day-trading robots take the emotional part out of trading.

2). Set and Forget

Another benefit of using trading bots is the fact that you won’t have to monitor your trades. The bots will place orders anywhere they’re available.

You can program a bot to access your broker’s API and reverse engineering. The bot can even simulate the conditions of the broker, such as spreads and prices.

The TruTrade bot will also simulate the psychological element of the market by placing random orders and watching them closely. This will save you from the stress of watching your trades.

When choosing a bot, you should always remember that the bots will only be as good as the instructions you provide it.

A bot that is not well-designed can make a huge dent in your finances. So, if you’re considering using one, make sure you find a trusted bot. The best thing you can do is to test it out first with a small amount of money and check it regularly.

A trading bot like TruTrade is designed to eliminate emotions from your investment decisions. Traders tend to panic when their investment goes down in value.

By using a bot, you won’t feel the pressure of feeling rushed. This is because you won’t have to worry about making an error. It will make every decision for you. In the long run, this is more likely to yield profits. Review: A Complete Breakdown

The automation bot has an intuitive interface and was rated the best-automated trading system by Benzinga.

The system can copy other traders’ strategies and open trades, and it’s easy to set up and use. 

The software works by screening stocks based on pre-defined criteria and executing trades based on those parameters.

This makes it easy for both beginners and experts to trade stocks.

The downside to using automated trading software is that it can’t monitor multiple markets simultaneously, but computers can scan different markets in real-time, and they can trade stocks that aren’t worth monitoring manually.

Keep in mind that most trading bots require human intervention to function properly. 

They may not account for market conditions and may not be able to identify a reversal of a trend. That’s why TruTrade is a game-changer for retail traders.

Furthermore, these robots come with pre-set trading strategies that may not work for you.

However, with TruTrade, you can customize your own strategy and have the robot execute it for you. For beginners, the company offers a free webinar where they discuss the software in detail.

After setting up your strategy, you can save template trades and adjust stop-loss orders automatically as your position moves into profit. 

For more advanced users, there’s also the option to create your own automated trading strategies.

This is called an ATM strategy and is similar to a trailing-stop strategy that adjusts stop-loss orders automatically as positions move into profit. 

It doesn’t matter your level of experience with retail trading, there’s a bot that can work for you.


An automated trading bot is only as good as its instructions, so be sure to check all the details carefully before committing to a particular bot.

Keep in mind, there are many risks associated with using a robot, and if it’s not reliable, it can cause serious financial problems. 

You should use a trusted bot like TruTrade (without a lot of testimonials pouring in) if you’re not confident in your own abilities. 

If you’re a day trader in Stocks, Futures, Forex, or a combination, it’s better to use a trading bot that is written by a reputable programmer and traders who have been in the trenches for decades.

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