PowerTrend PRO

Power Trend PRO is the most advanced turn-key automated trend trading software available to retail traders. Containing 2 different fully automated trading systems with multiple entries and exits in one bot, PowerTrend PRO takes automated trend trading to the next level. Never miss another big move in the markets with PowerTrend PRO.

This product is ideal for working professionals with very little time to focus on trading and for larger traders with six-figure accounts that want to run fully automated portfolios consisting of multiple systems running on several instruments simultaneously with the ability to manage risk on an account-wide scale with global PNL kill switches and our proprietary TRAMM dynamic risk adjustment technology.

PowerTrend PRO is very effective when used by itself and even more powerful when paired with the PowerRipper PRO creating a synergistic effect allowing users to trade both small price action swings and ride out big trends on multiple instruments simultaneously all hands-free from a laptop anywhere in the world!

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