Ripper X black and purple

RIPPER x Reloaded

Ripper X Reloaded takes fully automated scalping to the next level using the most robust dynamically adjustable algorithm available to retail traders. Ripper X Reloaded utilizes the power of TruTrade’s Volatility Shield technology that keeps the bot from taking trades during low volatility periods.

Ripper X Reloaded also includes TruTrade’s DRAMM and DTRAMM technology allowing the bot to stop and reverse when on the wrong side of the market and add additional contracts to the trade in the opposite direction while adjusting the target on the next trade closer to the fill price giving the bot even more defense against low volatility consolidation periods.

Ripper X Reloaded is best suited for traders with larger accounts that want to run the most advanced fully automated scalping system on multiple instruments simultaneously while managing risk dynamically on an account-wide scale as the session unfolds.

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